Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Time to Dance

While normally art focused, I find myself pausing to celebrate my daughter's personal victory at her first gymnastics meet of the year. Since 3 years old, gymnastics has been her life and I have watched, with admiration, her courage and dedication through illness, injury, and the hardships that all gymnasts go through. She has won events before, but last weekend won the all-around as well, which meant enough to her to bring tears of joy to her eyes. Those of you who bought my book might have noticed that my dedication about "taking the chance to dance" was for her. Well, as an addendum......I saw her take that chance and she did dance. Her work ethic and willpower paid off, a skill that will serve her well through life. I am so glad I was here to see it.

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Classique Artful Designs said...

I KNOW you are so proud of your daughter! I have 2 daughters and they both are following their dreams! Dad worries about both of them actually "making a living" but I am so proud! Melanie has danced since age 2, and pursued her BFA degree in Modern Dance/Choreography at Ohio University and now performing and working in Chicago! Youngest will graduate in June, with BA in Fashion Merchandising Management (IADT_Chicago) and is getting "into" photography! I think I get my "muse" from them or is it the other way around?! Hope to see you in May, at CM in Chicago, if I can afford it! I just signed up for Jonathan Talbot's workshop in April...still spending alot more on my art than I'm making!! LOL

Chris Palmer
ISABA member
Midwest Collage Society member (IL)