Sunday, August 12, 2012


My trip to Stampaway was so quick but helped stir my plateaued creative juices a bit. It is always so nice seeing all the familiar faces and immerse in the colors, the samples, the potato bar, the demos, and, of course, Cincinnati, my old stomping ground that I am really quite fond of. It doesn't hurt that I also got to spend some good quality time with two of my closest friends. And, actually took a class for once and completed the project!!!!! My class, ART of the Word was exactly what I wanted to do and I do plan to run that class again here in St. Louis at the beginning of next year. Found art poetry is such a great mind-clearing exercise. I think my students did a fantastic job. They re-energized me along the way. Tim Holtz's journal class was just what I needed to relax and have fun.

As mentioned in my last post, I have now hit the ground running getting ready to take Sammi back to Ursinus in 10 days. We have jean shopped, shirt shopped, athletic-wear shopped, etc. I was able to sneak out to collage club and make some s small paper bowl and enjoy show n tell. I am so lucky to have the most talented and giving artists in St. Louis. This week will be appointment-laden and the spacebag packing will begin in earnest. I highly doubt any art will be happening. I did manage to finish a new watermedia project, though, while I had some time last week. I am pretty jazzed about working in a different color palette.

I have set my fall teaching schedule and have a few dates to announce. I'll be teaching in the St. Louis area four different times. Here's a date preview until I get back from the college trip and can put up some samples.

Saturday, September 22: Kaleidoscope @ Wood Icing

Saturday, November 10: Paper Tapestry @ Wood Icing

Saturday, December 1: Sheer Fusion @ For Keeps Sake

Saturday, January 5: Rock N Roll: Brayered Surface Design @ For Keeps Sake


Kelly said...

Okay, Nancy. Obviously I've not been paying attention on our SMMR loop or I'd have been on your blog MUCH sooner LOL. I'm looking into Stampaway for next year.

Love your project!

ncurryartiste said...

Well, Kelly, I haven't been as active on the SMMR list chatter-wise the last few years so I'm not surprised you didn't know about my blog. Not for any particular reason other than time. I have enjoyed doing the ATC exchanges this past year though. Stampaway is the weekend of Aug 9-10 next

Thanks for the comment!!!