Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I spent some time today working on some watermedia canvas art, but since my computer is on the fritz, the pic I have included is from one that I did to sell on the Arts De Mer cruise in January. Eventually I titled it "In the Pink" and it was the first one to sell on the ship. I find that I am attracted to flow these days so these little pieces are perfect. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can post the ones that I did. I plan to take my watermedia to NC next week and play a bit here and there. I haven't sold much artwork because of the time commitment to the teaching, but it is something that I would like to explore more.

Monday, July 18, 2005


I was talking to a neighbor late last night and the discussion turned towards deadlines and creativity. In evaluating myself I think I am more creative when I am pushed to the wire with a deadline than when I am coasting ahead of time. She felt she had the same strength (or is it a weakness??) Does panic raise an awareness level within the subconscious or does it release adrenaline and that makes the synapses fire better? Hmmmmm, anyone with any thoughts on that, write a response. I'll give you a deadline of 7/25 so that will encourage other "deadliners" to post.

With vacation looming ahead next week, I spent last week working on my altered calendar for the month and finishing a niche spread for another RR. Both made it out in the mail on Saturday, actually on the mental deadline I had set. i had a couple of gifts that I wanted to make for special occasions to I did a couple of mixed media fiber collages while sitting at the gym with Sammi. It felt exceptionally good to be doing art people again. I haven't done much of that this year. This week will be focused on prepping at least one Stampaway class so I am not so pressured when I return home from the Outer Banks. Prepping for both would be great, but doubtful since I procrastinated on all the other prep for leaving. Household deadlines are just as necessary, I guess.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Back to the grind.......maybe

Well, it is July 4th weekend and I have not gotten nearly as much done as I expected to this summer. We had a great time in Colorado last week and I did enjoy visiting the art galleries in Old Colorado City. No art got done, but a lot of shopping and visiting. I visited a store that would like me to come out and teach so we'll see what I want to schedule for next year. Upon arriving home, I played catch up with some art due out and worked on windows in a "night themed" altered book. Other than that, no art got done, but Sammi and I had a good week together. We are spending more of her off time together this summer and that is good for the both of us. While trying on clothes at Ltd2, I noticed they did their walls in colored tissue paper blocks. I really liked the effect of that. Hmmmmm......