Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October musings

Well, October has quietly slipped by ins ome ways and roared in others. We moved over into our new house last week so we have boxes, chaos, more flies than I can murder in one day, and some damaged furniture from the move. But, even with all that....I love the house! I have space to myself and love the wooded area we are now living in. A new discovery: turkeys do not adjust well to concrete. I watched them meander in a meadow one morning and then look like roadrunners as they scurried to the other side of the road, then meander again. It was a funny sight to see. Artwise...not much going on. My studio hasn't even gotten on my radar. Food and sleeping quarters took priority. I did have a chance to work on a series of Halloween houses for an ATC exchange tonight. I hand drew the ones above.....I don't hand draw often but it worked that I could do it while Sammi was at the gym. I hope they are well received. That's all from the new Curry abode.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!