Sunday, September 18, 2005

It's Puzzling

I remember doing jigsaw puzzles as a child, when my mother was in intensive care for an extended stay, and most recently, watched my sister and husband become totally obsessed and immersed while on vacation in the Outer Banks this summer. I did not expect to be bitten by the puzzle bug, yet it happened recently when I saw some collaborative work posted online. This is my first piece that will be part of a collaboration called Scary Halloween. I had a blast working on this one and can't wait to send out my own. They are gorgeous when put together, each piece unique yet contributing to the whole. What a fun sojourn on my art journey.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Exploring color and pattern

Just about every month I play with colors or patterns I pick out from magazines, catalogs, or whatever I have lying around. Often I use my pieces as part of my altered calendar RR, but I rarely ever scan them before they are a finished product. There is something hard about letting people see works in progress, but this time I decided to scan the squares. There are two sets in the jpg, both being from Coldwater Creek's fall catalog. The top three, I was just cutting, gluing, and providing some contrast for fall patterns and in the bottom, I was focusing more on contrasting pieces as I affixed. These were affixed to 8" x 5" cardstock and then punched out wherever I found a pleasing design. I then took black permanent marker and outlined and defined the perimeters and interior of the bottom designs, but choose a more muted brown for the top three. I'll post when these are used as well.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


I had a chance to play with the Angelina fibers a bit this weekend and they are simply marvelous. I bought the hot fix ones but soon will be ordering the other non-thermal ones to mix in. I can tell that the acquisition phase isn't over.

This is a canvas on canvas experiment.....4 x 4" on 6 x 6". Other charm and metallic fibers also were adhered before I sewed a alcohol ink drenched button through the melted fibers.