Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Peek at Possibility

Most of my blog entries are musings, new art tutorials and announcements, travel, and, of course, my dogs.  But I've alluded several times to a change in my life over the last year so today I decided to take some time to talk about what I've experienced as I opened my mind to different wellness practices.

I have a good friend that tells me she thinks things, people, ideas are brought into view when you are ready for them and I've come around to that line of thinking.  If I'd been told even as recently as three years ago that I would be meditating on a daily basis,  doing yoga even in the morning, or using essential oils and supplements to augment my wellness, I would have stared open-mouthed.  I grew up in probably the least holistic house on the planet.  Pill popping always occurred after something happened to you.  My adult life has been trying to shake that mentality off, but I wasn't able to make a dent until I hit a wall with some, not life-threatening but very painful, body weaknesses that caused me to think outside the box OR ..... COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES.  

It's amazing what some small changes have meant to my overall health.  Now, I split my time between yoga and a gym.  For transparency's sake, I must admit I'm not making huge strides to overhaul my less than perfect body, but I am making strides towards staying stretched out and gaining cardio benefits as well.  My goal is to be active without risking more disc problems, although I hear they are stemming from too much time bent over in the studio.  But still, I am leary, so I am careful about my activity.  Maybe too careful, but I am a work in progress.

I'm able to be this active because I was introduced to essential oils a year ago.  I went to a workshop mostly to debunk the idea that these were anything more than nicely-smelling bottles.  I listened as I would at a Pampered Chef or other "home party" but really I knew the bottom line was going to be... are these the real deal?  After experiencing some benefits that day, I found myself a member or Wellness Advocate and began my trip through the oils.  I was very tunnel-visioned in what I thought my use would be:  mood enhancement.  For the first couple of months, I experienced those on a daily basis.  My world seemed to pick up at that time, but it was spring so while I enjoyed the newfound joy and peace, I thought it could have been the weather.  My "a ha" moment came when I found myself in a second acute TMJ phase at my sister's house in May.  I had only three oils with me but as I laid there at 4 am in agony (not an exaggeration if you've ever had an acute attack,) I used my phone to look up protocols for it.  I had Frankincense oils with me for migraine use, but the book said to rub the oil on the bone next to my ear.  I did and within 25 minutes the pain in my jaw was gone.  I said this was my second attack.  Well, the first attack had been 6 weeks prior and my primary care doctor's high powered anti-inflammatories took a weekend to give me relief.  I now travel with more than 3 oils.

I took some time this summer to learn the chemistry behind the use of plant/fruit oils and became fascinated.  I, of course, knew that the history of medicine includes the use of plants, but nonetheless it was an interesting study.  I continued my use and began to add more medicinal oils to my stash and probably talked oils in 98% of my conversations.  That's how excited I was.  I shared some samples and people found them effective.  I had never planned to sell the product, just to use, but I was asked repeatedly so that started happening in November.  By then I had used many of the oils and had started to use their number one seller, the Lifelong Vitality Supplements, and was delighted to say that it brought new life to a tired Nancy.  I have napped only on two occasions since starting them in August.  It's so nice not to have those 3-5 pm doldrums every day.

I now regularly teach classes at my home and for others and am enjoying introducing others to the possibilities of these oils.  They sell themselves amazingly well and I invite all who are using the oils back for continuing education on specific topics.  It's exhilarating to hear about their journeys when they return.  My art is still the most important part of my adult life, but I do like serving others as well.  By the way, another by product of all this is that I am more prolific in the studio. That was unexpected, but not unwelcomed. My body and mind feels like they are working better. Neither are perfect, but definitely better due to being well-rested, fairly well-adjusted, and able to find joy and peace here and there. I have to admit that I love hearing how changed I am in looks and in my demeanor. 

I plan to blog periodically, maybe even once a month, about some of my oil experiences.  You'll see them here and there.  Just ignore if you aren't interested as you would with tutorials that don't appeal.  But if you choose to dabble in them, be sure to buy pure oil that is sourced where it grows the best.  There are many retail oils that lack that purity.  With those, you are really just experiencing a perfume and not an oil that can help your body be all it can be.   If you're more interested, follow my Facebook page, Make Every Drop Count, or message me.