Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Musings

Golly....I think St. Louis has been deluged enough over the last month. We've had few days without rain and have seen blue sky rarely. What else is new? Well during the rainy time I did manage to find my desk in the studio and have kept it about 80% clean. I also was lucky enough to have Charla in from Boston for a bit so we were able to have some fun when she wasn't busy working to clean out a house. I had a spider bite that went toxic and within two days my car was totalled (and then totalled reversed) on a poor young deer when my husband was picking me up from a concert because I couldn't walk. Nice run-on sentence from the former English teacher. On a positive note, the husband was able to walk away and I have a new Highlander because of it. Artwise I finally delved into some repousse after having the supplies for two years. Teresa Holt, a longtime friend and incredible artist challenged us to do some metal atcs for the month after demoing it up close and personal. Well, I had a great time doing them and have all sorts of ideas in my head for more. ENJOY ...................................most of the rest of them are on my website