Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jaunty Jillian

March has been a whirlwind.  I had two wonderful visits from my daughter, Sammi, and my sister, Gayle.  Sammi was here at the beginning of the month and we alternated our time between shopping, the Zoo, and binge-watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.  Gayle and I shopped as well, caught up on summer plans, went to see Insurgent, did some stitching and I gave her an introduction to alcohol inks.  In between those two wonderful weeks, I managed to do three doTERRA events.  Crazy busy!!!  Hot on the heels of Gayle's visit was the inaugural event at The Moon & The Maker, Kae Pea's storefront, retreat center, RubberMoon manufacturing headquarters, and FAB Bed & Breakfast.  And who better to open up the festivities, but Sunny Carvalho!!!!

I'm only about an hour from Louisiana, MO, so I took my time and took the scenic drive along the river.  There are frequent stopping points to eagle watch.  I stopped, but they were shy.  The river, however, was beautiful.  ABOVE This is my view after I parked for my overnight visit.  By the way, this space is amazing. I took some insider pictures to show you how cavernous this destination is, yet it is warm, welcoming and charming at the same time.  BELOW:  I missed a picture of the front right of the store, but the first picture is the studio, and the center and right pictures are of the expansive space that houses the boutique, local and regional art pieces, art supplies, and, of course, RubberMoon stamps.


BELOW LEFT:  The center hall from the back to the front. (NOTE THE TIN TILES) BELOW RIGHT:  Our class home away from home with a pub feel.  I love this room. 

I didn't take any pictures of the b & b portion, but it is upstairs and is just divine.  I had the best night's sleep before class today.  Everyone pitched in to make our time there perfect.  We wanted for nothing and had a terrific teacher in Sunny.  It's a rarity that I stay on task in a class, but this one was full of technique and challenge for me (faces make me nervous).  I was delighted to see how unique everyone's painting was today.  We all had our own spins to add as we created using Sunny's approach.  I can't say enough about her talent, patience, and vibe.  If she is in your area, run to the nearest venue and sign up.   It was such a wonderful 24 hours full of new and renewed friendship, art, great music, laughter, great stories, and camaraderie.  I wonder how long I'll have to wait for the next one?