Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Couture

I've been fascinated with witches' hats and shoes for the longest time. It must be the umpteen showings of Wizard of Oz during my childhood. It was always a family fest each year when it was on. I DID NOT LIKE the gargoyles at all. So once again I dipped my toe into painting but kept the theme more whimsical, which seems to be my bent these days. I sort of pictured the forest as a store of sorts for witches to go and pick out and try on their hats. The pumpkins were brought in to keep the hats from the forest dirt. Again the colors in this painting were largely done in a subtractive manner and detail added with Pitt Pen. I do like the white areas that show imperfection throughout the painting. At my sister/mentor's suggestion, I am developing a signature of sorts. If you look between the two paintings, there will be some commonality. I'll comment later after you have had a chance to figure it out and comment.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Big Toe Outside of the Box

Fall is here and the hearth and home have started to take priority for me.  I have the first floor of my house 85% clutter free and have both myself and my husband on a short leash to keep it that way.  The canines are not cooperating but I just try not to look at their scattered toys around the floor. 

Many people that know me well know that I am obssessed with houses.  Whether it be on Tumblr, Pinterest, or in my home decor, I am attracted by houses of all kinds, and, of late, the quirkier the better. A few years ago I dabbled in some drawing with Halloween buildings, but once I was done with them, I put that thought away.   One of my goals after I got Sammi off to college was to pursue something I have been afraid to do for a long paint in a representational style.  I can put together images (as in stamping), printing, abstract painting (to some degree), color play and feel fairly good about it.  I know as a child in some kids' art classes, I enjoyed painting, but as I headed towards adulthood, I lost my way.   So, I put myself to the test and decided since I am always touting to do things that are different than what you usually do and play, yada...yada....yada...., I decided to paint.  Houses seemed to be what I wanted to paint again, so I set about it two weeks ago.  I wanted to capture the time the sun starts to go down but often (at least here in St. Louis) you can start seeing the stars and sometimes the moon.  So yes, that orange partial ball is the waning sun.  Yes, the houses are quirky and somewhat whimsical.  I'd love to hear if you have a favorite house.  I do.  I'll tell later on if I get some responses first.  The actual canvas size is 6 x 12" and my medium for this one was heavily watered fluid acrylics applied in a subtractive manner.  The detail was done with an assortment of Pitt pens.  Thank you for visiting my street.  I think there will be more streets coming.  Stay tuned and remember to tell me which is your favorite house!