Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Couture

I've been fascinated with witches' hats and shoes for the longest time. It must be the umpteen showings of Wizard of Oz during my childhood. It was always a family fest each year when it was on. I DID NOT LIKE the gargoyles at all. So once again I dipped my toe into painting but kept the theme more whimsical, which seems to be my bent these days. I sort of pictured the forest as a store of sorts for witches to go and pick out and try on their hats. The pumpkins were brought in to keep the hats from the forest dirt. Again the colors in this painting were largely done in a subtractive manner and detail added with Pitt Pen. I do like the white areas that show imperfection throughout the painting. At my sister/mentor's suggestion, I am developing a signature of sorts. If you look between the two paintings, there will be some commonality. I'll comment later after you have had a chance to figure it out and comment.



PatGLex said...

I was waiting to see if anyone would comment....or if you would....but it is hanging the moon and the stars? I think that's a neat commonality.

ncurryartiste said...

That's one of them....yay!!!!!! There is a second more subtle one, too. No pressure.

ncurryartiste said...

I am midway through another street. Very exciting.