Friday, June 10, 2016

When it Rains it Pours

My life always seems to have ebbs and flows in all areas.  They are exciting and exhausting all at the same time, but I wouldn't change a thing.  This month so far it's been flow, flow, flow.

I am pleased to be the guest artist today on the StencilGirl Talk blog.  The beauty shot of the project is to the left,  and I must say I was really pleased with changing up my methodology.  The handful of people that have been recipients of them have had layered resist but this time I used a Gel Press plate and I'm in love with the crisp color mix I got.  Below, you will see a couple I've done before.  If anyone has one they want to upload to the comments here or on the Facebook post, I'd love to see it again. 

My tumbler circa 2007
Sam's tumbler circa 2012

So this week also brought my artist story to light.  Most of you that know me know that I tell it like it is and my post was very authentic on where I've been and why I still divide my time like I do.  You can find that blog entry on the Artists Tell Their Stories blog here.  I love this blog because  it showcases the essence of who the artist is whether they are a musician, artist, photographer etc. I've enjoyed getting inside the heads of creatives that amaze me.  If you want to know when the next essay is up, you can subscribe on the blog or like the corresponding Facebook page and it should show in your feed. 

As teased on Facebook ( and reteased now), I've had prints made of five of my favorite paintings and as soon as I am able to figure out packaging in the next couple of weeks, they'll go live.  Meanwhile, I added quite a few contemporary wall/table art pieces to my Etsy

And finally, I am announcing classes at a new venue for me.  I'll be at Palette & Paper in Indianapolis on September 23-24.  I fell in love with the delightful owner, Mare, the store itself, and fab detached classroom when I visited in April and am tickled that they'd like me to come and premier some classes.  Come and see me at Stampaway in August or come and see me there in September!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kindness, the Zombie Apocalypse, and Creative Rejuvenation

If you're here, I'm assuming the blog title either amused, intrigued, or confused you.  I'll address all of three elements during the course of my story.  But a little catch up is in order, first.  My last blog entry was at the beginning of the year and focused on alignment.  (***Scroll back one entry and see the blueness of my watermedia piece featuring it.  Those that have taken my classes should note it is blue and may remember my story of FW Northlight making me take out the preponderance of green artwork for my book and replacing it with blue.) For me,  alignment is something you can ruminate on, weave throughout the cloud calendar in your head (yes, we've all have cloud calendars before they were popular tech storage) before trying to apply it in life, but I've found that sometimes life has a way of being rewoven without your approval or support.  Realignment can just happen and it can be in a quiet way that you don't notice (for me that's how it started), smacked in the head so that it's immediate and decisive, or opportunities that tantalize and band together resulting in different choices. All of those have happened.  What I am seeing during this realignment is that certain choices have popped out with that, "Look at me! Pick me" while jumping up and down in my mind.  So there we are with that wordy update. 

Art for Artiscape 2016
So, on my way to realignment I had been asked (many times) to submit classes to Artiscape, a gathering in Dublin, Ohio, put together by Lisa Ohmer, owner of European Papers.  Lisa and I have traveled in the same circles for almost twenty years so I was tickled when she contacted me in the fall about the event and it worked in my schedule for the first time.  Three classes were submitted and chosen and I decided to participate in the Artist's Marketplace. In between then and now came the holidays, the advent of diabetes changes, our trip to New Zealand, an unexpected surgery (the second in seven months) with complicationsfor Sam, and regular life, so I while I was still happy to be going, it ended up being stressful to pull it together.  Still, I create well under pressure and made it all happen, but the tank was a little empty when I arrived. 

H E R E ' S  T H E  M A G I C:

My classes had great numbers, were well-received, and went off without a hitch.  But that's not the magic.  I witnessed magic in my classes listening to table interactions as students learned new techniques, support each other's explorations, and  became excited by  color and composition choices.  Classes can quickly become "look at me and what I've done" rather than enjoyment in the process and what's going on around you, but these classes buzzed with camaraderie from the get go.  Some of those budding relationships existed from prior years or from friends taking classes together, but most of what I witnessed was happenstance or kismet.  Confidence was gained by all and laughter was heard throughout.  The magic was the lessening of ego and the conscious choice to be kind and share the journey together. Kindness produces a profound energy burst and heart swelling unequaled by any essential oil I have and I felt it towards others and towards me the four days I was there.  I was humbled by it all and that's no small feat. It was infectious and the creativity flowed because of it.  While their creativity flowed, mine was rejuvenated.  I have not taught since the fall and didn't really notice how much I had missed being in the classroom.  Luckily, I have more teaching on the horizon here in St. Louis and elsewhere already planned and several new opportunities possibly coming my way in summer and fall.  

The zombie apocalypse part of the title refers to comments I made all weekend long in classes and while selling my art of Sunday.  It started when students would ask for additional supplies, but were worried I wouldn't have enough myself.  Yes, I am prepared for the eventuality of an epic zombie apocalypse-totally prepared with enough media, substrates, doo dads, etc. that while the world is plummeting to it's lowest point ever, I will be making art.  I am not alone.  I met some kindred spirits throughout the weekend.  Oh, and I will have essential oils to last me during the dark time.  Food and water?  I haven't begun to plan for those. Priorities.

So, to recap:  the kindness of all amazed me and I was especially happy to meet some art peers that I haven't met and rekindle friendships with those I've been on a parallel course with for almost twenty years.  If you need art supplies during the #ZA (everything has hashtags these days), contact me.  I'll have them.  And finally, I 'm ready for my next art adventure in the studio.  That is, once I unpack from last week.  

Art for Artiscape 2016

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Wednesday, January 06, 2016


I am not a resolution-maker or keeper, but I am a wordsmith.  I love words and quotes and trying to unravel the thoughts behind them.  Hence, the need for my own line of quotes and words for my art.  Also, my new obsesssion for posting my favorite quotes with my art or photography on social media.  My apologies if you get tired of it.  Most are universal, though, so hopefully you take a nugget or two away from them.

A few years ago, the online community was buzzing with those who picked their word for the year.  Most have them ready for January 1, but I always lag into that first week. Last year was an unusual year for me in that I was ready on the first with LEAP.  I think I was true to that word throughout the year.  From my first juried show in November to our church commitment to flying off to immerse in the doTERRA convention and finally an overhaul of my wellness practices, I took risks and accepted change as gracefully as I could. However, as my opportunities came to fruition (some taking on a life of their own), I realized that I need boundaries and limits within these choices. So, the new word for the year is:

Yes, I meant that to smack everyone in the face because I am probably not the only one who is trying to balance out various parts of our lives.  I am seeking to realign a plethora of parts of my life:  what I love to do, what I have time for, what relationships do I want to nurture daily (and those that are budding), my relationship with God and what that means in the whole equation, and time to dig deeper into who I am underneath all those protective layers.  That's a tall order, but I am taking this year to make some changes. I am couching it to my mind as me going towards something, rather than going away from what has been.  We'll see how that goes.

My need for alignment has been a product of some of the studies I have been invited into and have accepted in the past year.  From Frances Chan to Rob Bell, I've been smacked over and over with spiritually based topics that have resonated with me.  From Chan's Crazy Love to Andy Stanley's "Time of Your Life" series, they have all helped me realize that trying to do it all isn't what is making me happy.  Even last night, I was smacked again while participating  in a new study led by Christine Caine. The Propel Women Conversation Series (first night only so I am not too deep in yet) really spoke to me about balancing.  Caine's premise is that you shouldn't be obsessed with balancing everything at once. Your life will naturally flow so that some aspects will need to be cradled and nurtured (take more time) and others will need to become secondary.  That doesn't mean languishing off in a corner, just that they won't have center stage.  I am hoping that the rest of the series is just as impactful.  The quote from below came through this week:

I think this year is an answering year.

You'll still see art from me and I'll still muse about oils.  They are a large part of my wellness practice-physically and emotionally.  And, I'll still make you laugh!

H   A  P  P   Y     N   E   W      Y   E    A    R  !!!!