Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am not an everyday blogger as most of you know but I happened upon my word of the year today while I was working on an altered book spread. There's a lot going on with me behind the scenes this year on both my personal and art journeys so transformations sums up what I want out of this year. I'd love to hear other words if you want to share.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Every Minute of Every Day

Well my first big announcement is that after 6 years, my sewing machine is up and running. Friday was D Day and while I was cooking grilled cheese sandwiches, my friend, Tracy, managed to get it all done for me and then had me practice over and over. Let's hope it sticks. At least it's out of the box! We also played with the Gelli Arts Printing Plate for a couple of hours and made some great prints using lots of stencils. It was fun to play around in my kitchen. Nothing is finished from that session, though, but it was still fun.

The weekend brought some more playtime and a visit to New Art Legacies to pick up some Kromekote that Peggy Wade, gracious owner extraordinaire, had ordered for me. Of course, I couldn't just leave her store with paper. I also picked up about 10 bottles of Perfect Pigments and Perfect Glaze to add to my paint collection. I can't get enough of USArtQuest stuff these days. A dinner out with Peggy and her husband, Neal, capped off the day.

I've been a little under the weather this week so I've been working on some things in the studio, doing some straightening, doing some hand-lettering, and just kind of working on ideas that have been percolating for awhile, but more on that in a later blog entry. I've spent a lot of time catching up on the Creative Jumpstart videos and found many of them to be very special. I am so glad I saw that and have been able to participate in it this month. Definitely the perfect thing to be doing while I am not at full speed.I've had some fun making some Valentine offerings as shown here. This one will be hand-delivered to my daughter, Sam, when I head to Pennsylvania. I started giving her some canvas art back in high school. I'll continue the tradition again this year. Well, back to a prone position. Happy almost February!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love Resides Here

It's been a cold, wintry day here so I holed up in the studio and did this painting. I love hearts and what they signify. So when Valentine's Day approaches, it brings out my inner heart pangs. I've loved VDAY since the days of elementary school. I loved coming home with all those nonsensical little pieces of mail. I loved it when there were little candies, too. I loved it that it was a day that my hearts got to be center stage. Getting pieces of chocolate only made it better. Of course as I got older and parents didn't make kids give to all in their classrooms, I found out that the day could also lead to heartbreak if you let it. But, I digress. It's still a wonderful day to say a little hello to those who hold a place in your heart and I try to do it every year.

So it's been a busy week in the studio and out all centered around art.

Saturday was a wonderful time at For Keeps Sake where they had a Meet the Artist afternoon. Store teachers, MaryBeth Shaw, Mary Nasser, Julie Snidle and myself were there. I hear MaryBeth's demos were wonderful. If you haven't gone and seen her stencils, go to Stencil Girl and check them out. They are delightful. I met a lot of really nice people who responded really well to my new classes. I am looking forward to them. I think that day rejuvenated me because I went into my studio and cleaned on Sunday so I could start my week fresh on Monday. I wish I could make myself do that all of the time. However, Monday was a field trip with my friend, Cheryl, to see Kristen Powers's new studio and Rubbermoon manufacturing storefront. It was a wonderful day full of art and laughter and sharing and more art. I feel lucky to count Kristen as one of my favorite inspirations. I spent Tuesday in the studio and today, but yesterday was my weekly Foundry date with a group of women I adore. We have such a fun time working on our projects and the chatter is therapeutic as well. Till next time, folks..... start working on those Valentines.....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

In Your Dreams

I've been dreaming like crazy for the last two weeks and I can remember most of them. Both of these things are unusual. If I do dream, I usually lose them within 30 seconds of waking. But these have been eclectic vignettes of past experiences (mostly good) mixed in with people that I am missing in my life now. Hence, the title of this entry. I hope these dreams continue. I find them fascinating.
Today, Sam went back to school for her second semester. I always feel a little hole in my heart when she goes even though I know this is where she should be. We had a wonderful month and it's wonderful to see her becoming the adult she is going to be. I just wish I could teleport in and out of Pennsylvania to see her intermittently. I always have been a Jetsons and Star Trek fan so teleportation isn't out of my realm of wishing.
Artwise, I went to a fabulous Collage Club meeting this week with a great demo and a huge turnout. We made some terrific papers a la Jane Davies that were so easy and economical to make and FUN! It was so good to hear what everyone is up to artistically businesswise, workshopwise and also to be tempted to go in new directions when people tell what they've been up to. Our first month of the altered book exchange isn't until February so I'd better get cracking on that. I'll post my pages when they are finished. I also taught my Rock n Roll Brayer class at For Keeps Sake on Saturday and had a wonderful time. Of note: I had my first husband and wife couple! While there I scheduled my first two classes of the year at FKS. On February 23rd I will be debuting SNIPPETS: a Floor Cloth primer, featuring USArtQuests Studio Cloth and on March 23 I will be debuting Tattered and Torn, a raw edge painted and torn paper project class. These are both brand new classes that I am tweaking for later in the year and I am really excited about them.

It's a busy week in the studio for me. I love being invigorated again. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Merry! Merry! .......... 2013!

Well it is the 2nd of January and already I am tired of the little bit of snow we've had. I think I blinked and lost December somewhere between the cookie-making, decorating, welcoming Sam home, and travel back to the east coast for the holidays. We managed to see the lights at Tilles Park by carriage ride, the Christmas traditions in St. Charles, loads of Christmas light drive bys, the kiss lights in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and a wonderful candlelight service on Christmas Eve.

So now 2013 is upon us and I am trying to wrap my head around that. Sam is home for one more week so we have a few things to get done. My first class of the year is this Saturday at For Keep's Sake so I am ready to get back in the saddle. No other classes to post about yet, but don't worry, I will be keeping busy.Here's a piece of art done with USArtQuest's Studio Cloth, a must-have in my studio these days. Enjoy the art and the sentiment behind it. It's my motto for 2013.

Happy New Year from the canines!!!!