Thursday, January 24, 2013

Love Resides Here

It's been a cold, wintry day here so I holed up in the studio and did this painting. I love hearts and what they signify. So when Valentine's Day approaches, it brings out my inner heart pangs. I've loved VDAY since the days of elementary school. I loved coming home with all those nonsensical little pieces of mail. I loved it when there were little candies, too. I loved it that it was a day that my hearts got to be center stage. Getting pieces of chocolate only made it better. Of course as I got older and parents didn't make kids give to all in their classrooms, I found out that the day could also lead to heartbreak if you let it. But, I digress. It's still a wonderful day to say a little hello to those who hold a place in your heart and I try to do it every year.

So it's been a busy week in the studio and out all centered around art.

Saturday was a wonderful time at For Keeps Sake where they had a Meet the Artist afternoon. Store teachers, MaryBeth Shaw, Mary Nasser, Julie Snidle and myself were there. I hear MaryBeth's demos were wonderful. If you haven't gone and seen her stencils, go to Stencil Girl and check them out. They are delightful. I met a lot of really nice people who responded really well to my new classes. I am looking forward to them. I think that day rejuvenated me because I went into my studio and cleaned on Sunday so I could start my week fresh on Monday. I wish I could make myself do that all of the time. However, Monday was a field trip with my friend, Cheryl, to see Kristen Powers's new studio and Rubbermoon manufacturing storefront. It was a wonderful day full of art and laughter and sharing and more art. I feel lucky to count Kristen as one of my favorite inspirations. I spent Tuesday in the studio and today, but yesterday was my weekly Foundry date with a group of women I adore. We have such a fun time working on our projects and the chatter is therapeutic as well. Till next time, folks..... start working on those Valentines.....

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