Monday, January 30, 2012

No Self-Control

It's the end of January and is 68 degrees today. What a wonderful winter we have had so far. I don't want it to end. I spent last week cleaning and pseudo-organizing my studio. I am so happy in here today that I could just sing! CHA is going on now and everyone is abuzz with new product and new inspiration. I am enjoying watching it from afar. One day I will get there.

I had a fun group over yesterday to do some resin jewelry and we had a great time. It was a good way to brush up on my techniques and see friends at the same time. They made some awesome jewelry and were quite pleased with themselves since they were novices. It will make a great class. Stay tuned for more information on that later this winter.

Today, hearts were on my mind. I promised I would wait until February 1st, but I have no self-control. Hearts are amongst my favorite images to use. This canvas piece will go to someone far away, yet always in my heart. I hope she enjoys it. More hearts to come.....of course.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Well, it was time to head back in the studio to get some work done for my upcoming classes. I love playing with paint and fibers and never seem to get tired of it. I do like the change to the black glossy that also repels the paint, making interesting patterns. It's fun when these new ideas freshen the whole concept.

Oh, and American Idol starts tonight. I might have to have a feather back in my hair.


January 21: For Keeps Sake, St. Louis
February 25: Stamp Your Art Out, Cincinnati
March 18: Wood Icing, Chesterfield

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Happy New Year ....... My daughter went back to college in PA today for the first gymnastics meet of the season. I hope she is healed too. There is no one that deserves that more than she. (OK...maybe a few others but I would like to put her on the "catch a break" list). She'll be a great supporter of the team, but just wants the healing to continue so she can be an active participant.

She is already missed, but now I have the to-do list that I needed to have started last week including de-Christmasing the house and getting back to some serious studio time. We had a terrific holiday in PA. Family time is so important and it's nice that Jim and I both have family in the same area. I am the proud owner of a Vagabond and some wonderful Sam Toft prints. I now have a collection of sorts. They make me happy.

As far as art news goes, I do have upcoming classes in the St. Louis area and Cincinnati areas. I will be teaching resist techniques at For Keeps Sake on Saturday, January 21st. It's my first time teaching at this store and what a glorious store it is. On Saturday, February 25, I will be returning to Cincinnati to Stamp Your Art Out for two classes. And finally, on Sunday, March 18, I will also be marking my first time at a wonderful art gallery in Chesterfield called Wood Icing.

Come and see me and make some art! It's great for the winter doldrums.