Saturday, January 14, 2012


Happy New Year ....... My daughter went back to college in PA today for the first gymnastics meet of the season. I hope she is healed too. There is no one that deserves that more than she. (OK...maybe a few others but I would like to put her on the "catch a break" list). She'll be a great supporter of the team, but just wants the healing to continue so she can be an active participant.

She is already missed, but now I have the to-do list that I needed to have started last week including de-Christmasing the house and getting back to some serious studio time. We had a terrific holiday in PA. Family time is so important and it's nice that Jim and I both have family in the same area. I am the proud owner of a Vagabond and some wonderful Sam Toft prints. I now have a collection of sorts. They make me happy.

As far as art news goes, I do have upcoming classes in the St. Louis area and Cincinnati areas. I will be teaching resist techniques at For Keeps Sake on Saturday, January 21st. It's my first time teaching at this store and what a glorious store it is. On Saturday, February 25, I will be returning to Cincinnati to Stamp Your Art Out for two classes. And finally, on Sunday, March 18, I will also be marking my first time at a wonderful art gallery in Chesterfield called Wood Icing.

Come and see me and make some art! It's great for the winter doldrums.

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