Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer 2010

Sorry for being in absentia for quite a while. We had a lot of post season gymnastics travel as well as a family wedding, college shopping and, of course, the lousy winter pneumonia scare. It's been quite a busy few months. I am really enjoying the slowing down in summer and have probably done about 10 pieces of art since school let out. I hope to get some of them posted on my main website shortly. This painting was done this morning and was my first foray into using Wood Icing as a texture tool on canvas. It was wonderful to work with after a terrific demo with Mary Beth Shaw last week. I think it is going to become a studio essential. This week was banner since I was able to head to the Collinsville Convention for a few hours with my bff, Tracy. Typical vendors but the day was capped off with an ongoing demo by USArtQuest owner and fabulous artist, Sue Pickering Rothamel. I hadn't seen her for a long time but was entranced as usual with her talent and demo style. She'll be around this summer so be sure to catch her when she's out. It is always worth a few hours.