Friday, July 27, 2007


This artwork sums up our week. We lost the sale of our house because of Joe, our sex offender that lives on our cul-de-sac. Apparently because he plea bargained and did his 8 week stint in jail and a few weeks in counseling, he can go on with his life while ruining ours. No one can make him leave unless he keeps his yard unkempt. It doesn't matter that he wants to chat/meet/greet underage girls. So we are still moving next week and the house will sit. Sit. Sit. Perhaps it will sell. Perhaps it won't. Perhaps ..............................

On a more positive note, this is a piece ( 6 x 12" canvas) I did for the art auction for charity at Stampaway. I am quite pleased with it. On my regular website there is a duplicate that I did for my bff, Deb....That one is in Tuscan colors that will go with her house. I do love working with stampboard. It is great for home deco.

New email until we move into our house is . No new posts until we are in the apartment!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Movers and Shakers

We are nine days from the movers beginning the four day process of packing and crating for storage. But GOOD NEWS ............... the Curry abode is S O L D !!!!!!!! That development was Wednesday but I think it has taken me a few days to know that it is real. No rest for the weary, though, because the move is imminent, but at least we don't have to worry about it standing after we are gone. Prep continued this week for my Stampaway clock class. I think drilling took me 6 hours or so, but all canvases and matboard are drilled. I have to write the instructions, and pack the kits this week. It will be nice to have that done as well. The picture today again isn't art, but it is the first pic that Jim, Sam and I have been in since she was a baby. It was taken on the cruise and I think we will use it for our XMAS cards this year. Enjoy............

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chez Curry

Well, here is a non art-related picture.....our new house that's going up in Missouri. Jim stopped by tonight and this is the first pic I have seen so I had to share. I am busily prepping for my Stampaway classes that need to be finished before the movers come. Today's fodder included packaging up clock movement pieces and painting 70 canvases black. Everything is coming along, although I have to admit it is difficult doing this in the middle of prepping for 2-3 months of storage. I have to keep telling myself it will all get done. It will all get done. It will all get done..............yada yada yada.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Up, Down and All Around

These days I spend a lot of time going from up to down. Today was a down. I see other houses selling in the neighborhood, yet mine can't even get an offer. This puzzle piece for an "opposites" puzzle parallels my up and down mood. I love to play with patterning and love to doodle so I spent the afternoon on this piece while Sam was going up and down at the gym.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have an up. Who knows..............