Wednesday, January 06, 2016


I am not a resolution-maker or keeper, but I am a wordsmith.  I love words and quotes and trying to unravel the thoughts behind them.  Hence, the need for my own line of quotes and words for my art.  Also, my new obsesssion for posting my favorite quotes with my art or photography on social media.  My apologies if you get tired of it.  Most are universal, though, so hopefully you take a nugget or two away from them.

A few years ago, the online community was buzzing with those who picked their word for the year.  Most have them ready for January 1, but I always lag into that first week. Last year was an unusual year for me in that I was ready on the first with LEAP.  I think I was true to that word throughout the year.  From my first juried show in November to our church commitment to flying off to immerse in the doTERRA convention and finally an overhaul of my wellness practices, I took risks and accepted change as gracefully as I could. However, as my opportunities came to fruition (some taking on a life of their own), I realized that I need boundaries and limits within these choices. So, the new word for the year is:

Yes, I meant that to smack everyone in the face because I am probably not the only one who is trying to balance out various parts of our lives.  I am seeking to realign a plethora of parts of my life:  what I love to do, what I have time for, what relationships do I want to nurture daily (and those that are budding), my relationship with God and what that means in the whole equation, and time to dig deeper into who I am underneath all those protective layers.  That's a tall order, but I am taking this year to make some changes. I am couching it to my mind as me going towards something, rather than going away from what has been.  We'll see how that goes.

My need for alignment has been a product of some of the studies I have been invited into and have accepted in the past year.  From Frances Chan to Rob Bell, I've been smacked over and over with spiritually based topics that have resonated with me.  From Chan's Crazy Love to Andy Stanley's "Time of Your Life" series, they have all helped me realize that trying to do it all isn't what is making me happy.  Even last night, I was smacked again while participating  in a new study led by Christine Caine. The Propel Women Conversation Series (first night only so I am not too deep in yet) really spoke to me about balancing.  Caine's premise is that you shouldn't be obsessed with balancing everything at once. Your life will naturally flow so that some aspects will need to be cradled and nurtured (take more time) and others will need to become secondary.  That doesn't mean languishing off in a corner, just that they won't have center stage.  I am hoping that the rest of the series is just as impactful.  The quote from below came through this week:

I think this year is an answering year.

You'll still see art from me and I'll still muse about oils.  They are a large part of my wellness practice-physically and emotionally.  And, I'll still make you laugh!

H   A  P  P   Y     N   E   W      Y   E    A    R  !!!!