Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hard to Please

Certain lyrics always find their way into my artwork. Does anyone else have that happen? This is the third piece I've used lyrics from "Hazy Shade of Winter" but they always seem applicable to my life.

Lately I find myself questioning why I spend so much of my time wishing, wanting and waiting leaving less time for doing, enjoying, and feeling satisfied. In a nutshell..... I am hard to please and it isn't one of my qualities that I am very proud of.

************************************************************************************ Summer/Fall Class Schedule July: Altercations, Ann Arbor, MI July: Enchanted Cottage, Lewisville, NC August: Stampaway, Cincinnati, OH September: ART gathering, KY September: Red Lead, St. Louis, MO October: Carolina Moon, Chicago, IL ************************************************************************************

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dog Days

Sammi and I have made it through the first week on our own, but definitely being the sole caretaker will require some reshuffling of my art time. I wish I could get her interested and that we had the time in her schedule to get her arting so that I could have more uninterrupted time.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Never get complacent with your life because that's when changes knock you right off your feet. Jim's job is in flux so another move is a possiblility, our sixth since marriage, and our third one into the St. Louis area. One of the spreads in my calendar reflected the possible
"motion" coming in our life.