Monday, November 16, 2015


I finished these pieces a few minutes ago for a show this weekend.  Mélange was the perfect word for them since I have quite a mix of thoughts going through my head day after day.  It was also the perfect word since it's derivation is French.  I am so full of sadness over what is going on in the world and a lack of clear course thus far.  The escalating violence eclipses a good portion of the joy I feel when I am creating for myself or others.  I've pushed through it for the show, but it feels so trivial compared with what we are facing in the world.  On a positive note, I am pleased with the pieces I will share on Saturday and Sunday.  They are extensions of what is going on inside of me that hopefully will resonate with others.There is much truth to the phrase "I am my art."  I will keep diffusing my oils and send out prayers for all of us fighting this ultimate evil.

Thanksgiving will be upon us very soon.  I've spent the month reflecting as many do. The blessings in my life provide much comfort. I wish you and yours time and respite with those who are important in your life. 

Regarding the pieces featured in this entry.    They are both Citra Solv manipulation pieces but done with different intents.  The first one I left largely intact because of the movement in the background.   The second one is more typical of what I usually expand on:  random and organic.  It also worked with the same composition but gives a different vibe.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


It's quite a summer so far with times in the studio having to take a back seat, but today I had a few hours to ready some art for two art tables I am vending here in St. Louis  and to find a little bit of myself in my art.  It always fascinates me when what is bubbling under the surface arrives so unexpectedly right in the middle of your composition.  It can be the raw you that you don't show the world regularly (but give a glimpse of yourself every so often), or something that resonates so deeply that you are sure it came from your soul.  I am so humbled when this synergy happens because it doesn't happen with every piece of art.  

The piece above is a second ink manipulation of CitraSolv.  I used the second manipulation to push back part of the word voices that was left behind the first time.  Voices have come and gone in my life from the voices that told me to keep going late into our infertility years to the thoughts (still voices in my book) that for years kept me up most nights, refusing to be silenced.  Those voices have receded for the most part, but I actively do a lot of meditation, some yoga, many essential oils, and take the required pill each night to keep my brain in balance.  I am indeed lucky that I was very high functioning all of my life.  I kept the plates spinning for many years with only a few dropped.  Others aren't so lucky and the stigma of having a mental illness still exists. Until that changes, many won't get the help them need just to feel "regular". Off my soapbox, but now you can see why I pushed back the word. 

I added the Allegro treble because of the solace I have found in music.  From the depths of personal despair in the early '90s with no child (REM's Losing My Religion) to a new favorite by Matt Skiba & the Sekrets (appropriately titled, Voices), music has always been my confidante and my inspiration. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen, wonder, and try to decipher what the lyrics mean to me.  I've given up trying to figure out what they mean to the songwriters.  

Finally, I just received a delightful assortment of Seth Apter's new stamps with Impression Obsession.  I had the pleasure of meeting Seth in his class with Mary Beth Shaw in April.  I enjoyed the day, the art, and even getting to know him a bit.  He's a keeper so make sure to check out his urban art when you get a chance.  It's something else.  The matboard is done with his bar code stamp.  I did some light mark-making in gray around the perimeter and then inked up only part of the stamp with black StazOn and used pressure to get the small contrasting marks.  

It felt good to be back in the studio.  I managed to get about 15 pieces done for my artist tables in August.  Join me at the first annual Valley Vinyasa Marketplace on Saturday afternoon from 1:00-4:00 PM.  My other event is a private one that evening.  I'll be putting the extra art in my Etsy after the events. 

I'll post some other sneak peeks in the upcoming weeks.  I travel to Stampaway next week for my two classes and a lot of fun. Hello, Skyline and Jungle Jim's. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I had a very busy April between taking the fabulous Paint Mojo class mid month, a surprise squeeze into Seth Apter's class here in St. Louis, teaching at Art & Soul, and making my own art that goes into the new session at the Wood Icing/Heather Haymart Gallery this week. I  had a lot of fun putting these together!  Not much new in May since I was in PA most of the month.  I will revel in April. 

Nosegay:  Ink Manipulation & India Ink

"Concentricity" Ink Manipulation and India Ink
Copse  Ink Manipulation

Posies:  Ink Manipulation and Watermedia
Clefs:  Ink Manipulation and Alcohol Ink highlights

They will be on display until September 15 in Chesterfield, MO and are waiting for their forever homes.  I have decided to keep (for the time being) my piece from Paint Mojo.  Once varnished it will hang in my sunroom. 

Jim gave me my time in Indiana for my birthday last year and finally the time came.  I really enjoyed Tracy Verdugo's style and willingness to let me still embrace my own style for a winning combo.  Here are some small jpgs that show you where the painting came from.  It definitely had an "ugly" stage that was a little scary, but I love the finished project.  Enjoy the journey and definitely take a look at her book, Paint Mojo, or find her when she tours again.  

      Pushing colors back.....and bringing them out again. 

I love the detail of this bird.  It came out of nowhere when I was trying to figure out the focal images. Then the other bird appeared, too as if by magic. 

 AND VOILA....... "Topsy and Turvy" were born.  30" x 30" acrylic paint and ink.  GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!!!

Finally, and in no particular order, I really enjoyed Seth Apter's all day Saturday class.  We made a grungy, many-layered journal and had a lot of fun all day long. 

a WIP....needs some finishing!

BONUS:  My new stamps for Rubbermoon are live!!!!!!  Look me up by artist there and see up close what special items I designed for them.  It was a huge month for me.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Peek at Possibility

Most of my blog entries are musings, new art tutorials and announcements, travel, and, of course, my dogs.  But I've alluded several times to a change in my life over the last year so today I decided to take some time to talk about what I've experienced as I opened my mind to different wellness practices.

I have a good friend that tells me she thinks things, people, ideas are brought into view when you are ready for them and I've come around to that line of thinking.  If I'd been told even as recently as three years ago that I would be meditating on a daily basis,  doing yoga even in the morning, or using essential oils and supplements to augment my wellness, I would have stared open-mouthed.  I grew up in probably the least holistic house on the planet.  Pill popping always occurred after something happened to you.  My adult life has been trying to shake that mentality off, but I wasn't able to make a dent until I hit a wall with some, not life-threatening but very painful, body weaknesses that caused me to think outside the box OR ..... COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES.  

It's amazing what some small changes have meant to my overall health.  Now, I split my time between yoga and a gym.  For transparency's sake, I must admit I'm not making huge strides to overhaul my less than perfect body, but I am making strides towards staying stretched out and gaining cardio benefits as well.  My goal is to be active without risking more disc problems, although I hear they are stemming from too much time bent over in the studio.  But still, I am leary, so I am careful about my activity.  Maybe too careful, but I am a work in progress.

I'm able to be this active because I was introduced to essential oils a year ago.  I went to a workshop mostly to debunk the idea that these were anything more than nicely-smelling bottles.  I listened as I would at a Pampered Chef or other "home party" but really I knew the bottom line was going to be... are these the real deal?  After experiencing some benefits that day, I found myself a member or Wellness Advocate and began my trip through the oils.  I was very tunnel-visioned in what I thought my use would be:  mood enhancement.  For the first couple of months, I experienced those on a daily basis.  My world seemed to pick up at that time, but it was spring so while I enjoyed the newfound joy and peace, I thought it could have been the weather.  My "a ha" moment came when I found myself in a second acute TMJ phase at my sister's house in May.  I had only three oils with me but as I laid there at 4 am in agony (not an exaggeration if you've ever had an acute attack,) I used my phone to look up protocols for it.  I had Frankincense oils with me for migraine use, but the book said to rub the oil on the bone next to my ear.  I did and within 25 minutes the pain in my jaw was gone.  I said this was my second attack.  Well, the first attack had been 6 weeks prior and my primary care doctor's high powered anti-inflammatories took a weekend to give me relief.  I now travel with more than 3 oils.

I took some time this summer to learn the chemistry behind the use of plant/fruit oils and became fascinated.  I, of course, knew that the history of medicine includes the use of plants, but nonetheless it was an interesting study.  I continued my use and began to add more medicinal oils to my stash and probably talked oils in 98% of my conversations.  That's how excited I was.  I shared some samples and people found them effective.  I had never planned to sell the product, just to use, but I was asked repeatedly so that started happening in November.  By then I had used many of the oils and had started to use their number one seller, the Lifelong Vitality Supplements, and was delighted to say that it brought new life to a tired Nancy.  I have napped only on two occasions since starting them in August.  It's so nice not to have those 3-5 pm doldrums every day.

I now regularly teach classes at my home and for others and am enjoying introducing others to the possibilities of these oils.  They sell themselves amazingly well and I invite all who are using the oils back for continuing education on specific topics.  It's exhilarating to hear about their journeys when they return.  My art is still the most important part of my adult life, but I do like serving others as well.  By the way, another by product of all this is that I am more prolific in the studio. That was unexpected, but not unwelcomed. My body and mind feels like they are working better. Neither are perfect, but definitely better due to being well-rested, fairly well-adjusted, and able to find joy and peace here and there. I have to admit that I love hearing how changed I am in looks and in my demeanor. 

I plan to blog periodically, maybe even once a month, about some of my oil experiences.  You'll see them here and there.  Just ignore if you aren't interested as you would with tutorials that don't appeal.  But if you choose to dabble in them, be sure to buy pure oil that is sourced where it grows the best.  There are many retail oils that lack that purity.  With those, you are really just experiencing a perfume and not an oil that can help your body be all it can be.   If you're more interested, follow my Facebook page, Make Every Drop Count, or message me. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jaunty Jillian

March has been a whirlwind.  I had two wonderful visits from my daughter, Sammi, and my sister, Gayle.  Sammi was here at the beginning of the month and we alternated our time between shopping, the Zoo, and binge-watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.  Gayle and I shopped as well, caught up on summer plans, went to see Insurgent, did some stitching and I gave her an introduction to alcohol inks.  In between those two wonderful weeks, I managed to do three doTERRA events.  Crazy busy!!!  Hot on the heels of Gayle's visit was the inaugural event at The Moon & The Maker, Kae Pea's storefront, retreat center, RubberMoon manufacturing headquarters, and FAB Bed & Breakfast.  And who better to open up the festivities, but Sunny Carvalho!!!!

I'm only about an hour from Louisiana, MO, so I took my time and took the scenic drive along the river.  There are frequent stopping points to eagle watch.  I stopped, but they were shy.  The river, however, was beautiful.  ABOVE This is my view after I parked for my overnight visit.  By the way, this space is amazing. I took some insider pictures to show you how cavernous this destination is, yet it is warm, welcoming and charming at the same time.  BELOW:  I missed a picture of the front right of the store, but the first picture is the studio, and the center and right pictures are of the expansive space that houses the boutique, local and regional art pieces, art supplies, and, of course, RubberMoon stamps.


BELOW LEFT:  The center hall from the back to the front. (NOTE THE TIN TILES) BELOW RIGHT:  Our class home away from home with a pub feel.  I love this room. 

I didn't take any pictures of the b & b portion, but it is upstairs and is just divine.  I had the best night's sleep before class today.  Everyone pitched in to make our time there perfect.  We wanted for nothing and had a terrific teacher in Sunny.  It's a rarity that I stay on task in a class, but this one was full of technique and challenge for me (faces make me nervous).  I was delighted to see how unique everyone's painting was today.  We all had our own spins to add as we created using Sunny's approach.  I can't say enough about her talent, patience, and vibe.  If she is in your area, run to the nearest venue and sign up.   It was such a wonderful 24 hours full of new and renewed friendship, art, great music, laughter, great stories, and camaraderie.  I wonder how long I'll have to wait for the next one? 

Thursday, February 26, 2015


This is the final piece that will be at the Wood Icing-Heather Haymart Gallery on display beginning tomorrow and debuting at the reopening gala tomorrow night.  I named it Opulence because of the richness in the fibers and varying beads I used.  As per usual I dropped the first large fibers first and there was a partial coil shape.  I then worked around that idea and then added layer upon layer of supporting fiber and a pearl focal point.  The piece is mounted on 10" x 10" x 1 1/2" birch cradle.  Remember, pearls are always in style.

Thanks for joining me on these peeks!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oddington Place


So far in my travels, my favorite place is a close tie. I fell in love with the Cotswolds in just one day when we traveled to London four years ago.  Venice, more exotic-looking overall yet steeped in history,  is neck and neck in my mind.

It was just a day, but it was the perfect day in my memory.  I think of it often so fondly.  How do I define a perfect day?  It's really like the movie the Perfect Storm for me, because there are a few elements that must come together.  It starts with who is sharing the day with me.  In this case, it was just the three of us, but on that day we were perfectly in sync and all three of us enjoyed each stop on our tour in our own way.  Sam photographed it beautifully.  Jim walked in contemplative thought.  I just kept marveling as each new beautiful area unfolded before me and chattered happily.  All very different responses, but all very family Curry.  Not only is it who I share the day with, it is often the people that I meet along the way.  We visited three very different towns during the tour and so many of the people I met were genuine and responsive.  I had quite a few wonderful conversations, much to the chagrin of my quieter family members, since often they were engaged at the same time.  My third element (in no particular order)  is the ambiance. The pictures below give a glimpse but just are not able to do it all.   It's always nice when a day surprises you, too.  No pictures to share, but this is also the day I discovered Sam Toft's Mustard Family world and now (thanks to my sister) have a smattering of Mustard moments all through my foyer and in the studio.  I smile every time I see them. I grin every time I see Doris.  And finally, the feeling of repletion at the end.  That feeling, so full of emotion and imagery, doesn't come every day.  I savor it when it does, though. 

It's then not a reach that I've decided to do a series of paintings inspired by that day and Oddington Place is the first in that series and the original will be available here starting on Friday night.  Oddington is a charming town (with a charming name)  in the Cotswolds.   There may eventually be prints in my Etsy store, but right now there is this one original.  It is 9" x 9" x 2" on deep cradle gallery-wrapped canvas and is ready to hang.  I hope I find out who takes it to a forever home.  It will always be in my heart.  

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I mentioned at the beginning of 2015 that my word for the year was LEAP. Here is a jpg of my first piece going into a fine art gallery here in St. Louis.  I'll dole out the other two this week to gear up to the opening reception for all the artists.  This piece, Concerto, is a mixed media piece that features metal powder, water media, fibers and beads on  12" x 12" birch deep cradled wood.  2014 brought forth a stamp with a treble and a series of stencils in that same design.  I hadn't planned to do a motif related piece but since I work intuitively with the fibers, this is what started happening when I dropped the black handmade fiber onto the substrate.  No, the whole treble wasn't there but the fiber dropped with the hint of the shape and my brain did the rest.  Most of you know my psyche is very connected to music so this piece resonates with me.  It was hard to take it in.  More to follow later this week. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I've loved to make them my whole life.  I love to get them, too. Heart shapes have always resonated with me.  From my heart to yours, today. 


The design is very simple.  I took a 6'  x 6" x 1" birch square and painted the sides with black acrylic paint.  I had found some vintage paper with dots and pink hearted ribbon that I couldn't not buy at our local store a week ago.  Those became the background. 

I got out some gold detailed embossing powder, black cardstock,  and a heart stamp and went to town making the focal point.  I don't often emboss now, but still have that wow moment when the gold turns into a lovely molten pool.  Just love it.  I cut those out after they cooled. While I was waiting, I cut out squares  of  2 1/4" black cardstock and 2" squares of ivory to frame the heart. 

Now for the pièce de résistance..... my love stamp.  After stamping that in black StazOn, I affixed it to the block with ScorTape.  I also repeated this design on paper for mailing.  It was a fun, easy project! And not the only one I've been working on!

It's hard for me to believe that half of February has already passed.  Here in St. Louis, we've been lucky so far to have a blue sky laden, mild winter.  That translates to a happy Nancy. My studio time has been chocked full of playing in the DLP project.  Photos of those spreads are on my Nancy Curry Art page, preparing for a grand re-design at Wood Icing in Chesterfield, where I will be finally exhibiting a smattering of my finished work, and doing some designing for  ????.  You'll have to wait for that announcement.  My involvement in doTERRA continues to grow.  I have had the time to do classes here at my house the last few months and will soon be doing classes for others.  The oils are powerful and continue to do amazing things for me and people that I have shared them with.  It's nice to have other options besides medication.  It is soon time for my art classes to begin again.  Look on my website for a partial schedule of where I will be this year.

Have a lovely day with those you love:  humans, canines, family, and  friends.  It's the bomb.