Monday, April 06, 2009

Limbo and beyond

Many times I've wished for a crystal ball but March was definitely a month that I am glad I didn't have one. March was a month of bad weather, of two last minute flights to Pennsylvania, of a wonderful quick trip to Tampa for more tropical gymnastics, and also the month that I spent my last days with my father. I am so grateful for the time that my sister and I were able to spend with him the last few days of March. Hospice said the last sense to go was hearing so we spent lots of time reminiscing and helping him to let go. Donald Munro Sanderson, our dad, a consummate whistler and harmonica player, a tinkerer who could fix everything, a lover of Whitley's peanuts and fettuccini alfredo passed away quietly while we were with him on April 1 and will be missed.