Monday, November 16, 2015


I finished these pieces a few minutes ago for a show this weekend.  Mélange was the perfect word for them since I have quite a mix of thoughts going through my head day after day.  It was also the perfect word since it's derivation is French.  I am so full of sadness over what is going on in the world and a lack of clear course thus far.  The escalating violence eclipses a good portion of the joy I feel when I am creating for myself or others.  I've pushed through it for the show, but it feels so trivial compared with what we are facing in the world.  On a positive note, I am pleased with the pieces I will share on Saturday and Sunday.  They are extensions of what is going on inside of me that hopefully will resonate with others.There is much truth to the phrase "I am my art."  I will keep diffusing my oils and send out prayers for all of us fighting this ultimate evil.

Thanksgiving will be upon us very soon.  I've spent the month reflecting as many do. The blessings in my life provide much comfort. I wish you and yours time and respite with those who are important in your life. 

Regarding the pieces featured in this entry.    They are both Citra Solv manipulation pieces but done with different intents.  The first one I left largely intact because of the movement in the background.   The second one is more typical of what I usually expand on:  random and organic.  It also worked with the same composition but gives a different vibe.  Enjoy!