Monday, June 10, 2013

Two arrivals: Angus and Nancy Curry Art website

It is with great happiness that I make a couple of announcements:

Number 1:  We're canine parents again to a 7 1/2 week old, standard parti poodle puppy named Angus.  He's a fur ball with a bladder the size of a piece of Japanese rice.  American rice, for that matter. He also has the attention span of a Japanese piece of rice.  Having said that, I must also say that we are all smitten.Even Tucker, who was adjusting to his "new normal" after the passing of our older standard, Bogart, seems to be finding the little half-pint a force to be reckoned with.   

Number 2:  I knew Angus was coming but last week the spirit suddenly moved me to do something I've had intentions of doing for a few years.  I finally bought my domain and started to put together a comprehensive website.  I've used "this and that" for the last fifteen years but decided it was time to consolidate it all under one umbrella. I am sure there will still be tweaks here and there, but it's ready to go live.  Be gentle with me when you see it.  This was way out of my wheelhouse.

Please join me in welcoming Angus to our family and christen the arrival of Nancy Curry Art.  More to come on both in the months to come.

Saturday, June 01, 2013


I have been strangely absent for a few reasons: travel, travel, and more travel along with some infirmity thrown in that took me by surprise. I have had to learn to be patient with my self since all I wanted to do when I came back from Art & Soul was play with my fabric-fusion collage but found myself very limited in time and capability. It all started when I was watching the Good Wife the Sunday after my sojourn in Kansas city. No dramatic build up because I was fine five minutes before and then turned by head to look at the show and that was it. I felt a pop and for the last seven weeks, my life has been topsy-turvy. This isn't a medical blog so I will just say that I've got four herniated disks in my neck and upper back. Who knows why but they are there and so far we've tried three spinal injections to try to get me through this while my body heals the spine to avoid the surgery. I just had the third so we'll see in a few days if I get any relief. Right now I just live on a TENS unit and Tramadol. Art has been very limited, although I was able to finish a piece for a donation for Oklahoma relief in Moore and the piece featured here from class at Art &Soul.

I had most of it done before the travel, travel, travel hit, but just this week decided it needed the word from my first stamp line coming this summer. Now, I will just need to figure out how I want the finishing to look. Now, back to the travel.....
I had a wonderful time visiting my sister at their home away from home condo in western Massachusetts. We went to Webb's, the largest yarn/fiber store in the country. And what fun we had there. It was good of us to help the economy there. We also did some serious Bonn Bon shopping at a store that was discontinuing the line. 50% off cannot be ignored. Once back in Pennsylvania, it was time to supervise the packing of my now college JUNIOR, Sam. I couldn't actually help because of my physical limitations, but she and her significant other did a fantastic job getting it all done. I was impressed by them both and thank goodness she's picked a guy that rolls with the punches as well as he did. Once it was all organized and stored and her little Mustang was packed, we did the journey back to St. Louis in two days. That gave us one day to repack for our cruise to the Western Caribbean. I managed to squeeze in the second injection before we went, hoping for some relief on the ship and I did get some.
The week on the Oasis was wonderful. I had to do nothing but relax and be waited on. That worked well for how I was feeling. It was a terrific week for the three of us. Dolphins, ceviche, waterfalls, unlimited rolls, ziplinging (for them), scallops. You get the picture.

So travel time is over for a bit. We are waiting to see if my body will settle down or if I will have to go to the next and only level, which is surgery. I am still planning on following my summer class schedule. Hopefully I will be able to get back into the studio on a more regular basis.

I leave you with a teaser.....we have a new puppy coming to our home next week. Details on that and my inaugural stamp line to follow. Have a great weekend!