Wednesday, September 29, 2010


willy-nilly adv: in a haphazard or spontaneous manner ... That word sums up my September. Maybe my 2010, too. I was pulled in so many directions all month that I got little done on what I really wanted to do and what I did get done was 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there so everything felt disjointed. I got a little of my studio cleaned only to mess it up again so quickly while getting some things out at the last moment. I got Sammi off for her senior year of high school..... and then had a moment after she left that first day. Then I had a week where I realized that I will need to reinvent my life after she goes off to college next fall. Yes, it took a week. I have come to no conclusion on what I want to do....another book? more travel? a job? more studio time? Hmmmmm....... Even my thoughts have been coming and going in a willy nilly fashion. They flit in and flit out and almost get forgotten. It's so fitting that my last artwork of the month celebrates the freedom of willi-nilliness (head nod to Red Lead for the great stamp). I think I will try not to fight it in October, but will embrace the randomness of it all. We'll see how that works.