Monday, March 10, 2014


Well, it's almost mid March and hopefully the worst of winter is behind us.  I am sure I am not the only one who is ready.  I finished two new plates of stamps this week that I can't wait to use in the studio.  These include my first imagery that will work well to support the words and phrases that I included this go around.  I call the images, tidbits, since they are on the small side as most of my art is.  More to follow on them and the availability when I get the demo sets back.  I am just a wee bit excited.  The rest of March will be a blur.  Lots of artful gatherings here and one I am attending in a suburb of Kansas City with a group from my Collage Club. I am excited to be returning to Art & Soul for a couple of days and even more excited about doing a demo at Stamper's Ink on the 21st.  I then return home to finish off the month here.

Today I worked on an altered book spread for a collaboration in my club.  The theme of this month's book was zentangle art and I am the thirteenth one to work in it.  I seem to be Moon-obsessed since I chose the sun/moon bookends as my inspiration for my the alteration.  I began by gessoing the text on the right side (2 thin coats).  I decided to work the theme with a black stabilo pencil and Pitt Pen so I could have finite lines and ones that could be variegated.  There are several layers of Stabilo, applied wet and dry.  When the detailing was finished I applied one more layer of wet stabilo to the perimeter and watered it down enough to blur the edges with pools of gray.  I also used more stabilo in the interior to create shadows in the emptier white areas.  I am pleased with the result of my explorations and would definitely work this way again.


March 21:                Stamper's Ink:    FREE DEMO   11:30 AM
April 11-12:             Stamper's Ink:    Three classes.  For samples and descriptions click here.
April 26:                  For Keeps Sake: Transformations  10:00 AM- 1 PM