Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Heart and Soul

 It's the day after Valentine's, but we are still celebrating those we love and have loved in our lives.  I did this project for StencilGirl® in late January but as you can tell, I was already looking to this special day.  Truth be told, I adore hearts all year round.  This is just an excuse to have some fun with a shape I already love.  It's linked above should you want to see how and why this musical-themed series came about.


We are in the doldrums of winter here in St. Louis.  While we've had some crisp, blue sky days sprinkled in, we've also had some snow events and will have yet another one later this week.  It's been a busy January and partial February deadline-wise  so I have hunkered down most of the time.  We did have an outing in late January to see Justin Willman here in town.  I love his magic and it did lift the winter blah spirits.  We were also all in the football state of mind. Or should I say minds?  We all supported different teams and the Bengals were the last team standing until this past Sunday.  





I've been having a great time with the #28februaryflowers challenge.  This is my third year participating and I am enjoying varying my media and point of view.  I'll be posting those on my Instagram (more detail) and my Facebook biz page.  Some may be available to purchase later this year.  To stay up to date with my sales/classes, follow my low volume mailing list here.  I also began the #100dayproject his week.  It was hard to decide on my topic, but I decided yesterday on visual texture.  I'll be posting those pieces in the same places as mentioned above.  


We are hoping to finally go on our river cruise to see the tulips in April.  Time will tell if Covid allows it this year.  It's our third attempt!  Other than that, I'll be in my studio most of the time.  I will be doing in-person classes when possible this year so again, get on my email list for up to the date info on that.  See you soon here or there!