Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post Merry Christmas and Happy almost New Year

The rest of fall and holiday season are but a blur now. So much thought, effort, sweat, and sometimes frustration goes into the season between Thanksgiving and Christmas...and then it is but a memory. Our season itself was quite wonderful once we got through senior exams and another college shopping trip to PA the first week in December. We traveled back to PA for Christmas with family and managed to get out of dodge before the blizzard hit the area. My gifts of Christmas were many: time with family, laughter, a peaceful candlelight church service, some treasured gifts that were unexpected. While my family moments were wonderful, my favorite moment came when I was reunited with my best friend in the world for the one year I lived in PA during 8th grade. It was online that I found her, but we hadn't seen each other for 33 years. It was nice to see we could pick up where we left off all those years ago. I hope to see her for years to come.

I have many moments and people to be grateful for in 2010. It was the year of trips for all of us. Lots of gymnastics and college travel in the winter and spring. These trips were soon followed by my nephew's wedding and our summer Japan trip. I will treasure those family moments and the peaceful nature of the Japanese always. More college trips came our way later in the summer and into the fall. Each college had its own flavor and being on these stately campuses made me want to metriculate again...briefly. I took a break from that kind of travel to go on my first trip with my sister in November to the Caribbean. We had a lovely cruise together and enjoyed bonding over jewelry shopping and stingray swimming. I am really blessed to have had all these opportunities this year. Unfortunately, that meant that not a lot of art was done. I am ready to jump back in for 2011! The art above is a little taste...... Happy New Year and a wonderful 2011 to all.