Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Addition and Subtraction

I sat here tonight thinking how much of my life revolves around addition and subtraction even though very little of it has to do with math in the traditional sense. I received new inks today from Lindy's Stamp Gang so now I have 17 bottles of Moon Shadow Ink added to my supply of about 500 or so other paints. Because of these paints, I'll need to move or "subtract" other supplies that I am not using regularly. Of course, this company has many other products that can be used "in addition to" the ones I have so I am sure more will be making their way into my studio. Composition-wise I also seem to return time and time again to the addition and subtraction of paint and inks. The ones I worked with today work really well to add and take away to create a mottled effect. I can't wait to sit down again and see what else they can do. That will be more time in the studio and less time doing the household chores..........what else is new?