Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hard to Please

Certain lyrics always find their way into my artwork. Does anyone else have that happen? This is the third piece I've used lyrics from "Hazy Shade of Winter" but they always seem applicable to my life.

Lately I find myself questioning why I spend so much of my time wishing, wanting and waiting leaving less time for doing, enjoying, and feeling satisfied. In a nutshell..... I am hard to please and it isn't one of my qualities that I am very proud of.

************************************************************************************ Summer/Fall Class Schedule July: Altercations, Ann Arbor, MI July: Enchanted Cottage, Lewisville, NC August: Stampaway, Cincinnati, OH September: ART gathering, KY September: Red Lead, St. Louis, MO October: Carolina Moon, Chicago, IL ************************************************************************************

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Judi Foster said...

Hi Nancy,

I stumbled on your blog while I was visiting one of the Yahoo groups. ART I think it was. I have your wonderful book and I am waiting for your video. My good friend Cindy Roland sent me your book for my birthday last year. I have been meaning to email you and tell you how much I have enjoyed it, but I am just a little better at email than I am snail mail. I also wanted to respond to what you said about the songs. That happens to me too. I have three that are going to turn into something someday. Deep Purple, the song not the group; Dream a Little Dream of Me.....remember the Mama's and Papa's version? Last but not least, Lookin' out my Back Door.......CCR. About your Hazy Shades of Winter, dang woman, you must be my age. I feel the words to that song often enough. Now I am wondering if that is it........too hard to please. I can't even get my blog going because I am too hard to please. I will someday. I really have enjoyed yours, though. Thank you once again for writing your book. Any chance you will ever come teach in the Evansville, IN area? It's a large enough city, just no stamp stores. The closest is in Santa Claus (I am not kidding....really is a town called Santa Claus in Indiana!)

Regards.........Judi Foster