Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Every Minute of Every Day

Well my first big announcement is that after 6 years, my sewing machine is up and running. Friday was D Day and while I was cooking grilled cheese sandwiches, my friend, Tracy, managed to get it all done for me and then had me practice over and over. Let's hope it sticks. At least it's out of the box! We also played with the Gelli Arts Printing Plate for a couple of hours and made some great prints using lots of stencils. It was fun to play around in my kitchen. Nothing is finished from that session, though, but it was still fun.

The weekend brought some more playtime and a visit to New Art Legacies to pick up some Kromekote that Peggy Wade, gracious owner extraordinaire, had ordered for me. Of course, I couldn't just leave her store with paper. I also picked up about 10 bottles of Perfect Pigments and Perfect Glaze to add to my paint collection. I can't get enough of USArtQuest stuff these days. A dinner out with Peggy and her husband, Neal, capped off the day.

I've been a little under the weather this week so I've been working on some things in the studio, doing some straightening, doing some hand-lettering, and just kind of working on ideas that have been percolating for awhile, but more on that in a later blog entry. I've spent a lot of time catching up on the Creative Jumpstart videos and found many of them to be very special. I am so glad I saw that and have been able to participate in it this month. Definitely the perfect thing to be doing while I am not at full speed.I've had some fun making some Valentine offerings as shown here. This one will be hand-delivered to my daughter, Sam, when I head to Pennsylvania. I started giving her some canvas art back in high school. I'll continue the tradition again this year. Well, back to a prone position. Happy almost February!

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