Sunday, January 13, 2013

In Your Dreams

I've been dreaming like crazy for the last two weeks and I can remember most of them. Both of these things are unusual. If I do dream, I usually lose them within 30 seconds of waking. But these have been eclectic vignettes of past experiences (mostly good) mixed in with people that I am missing in my life now. Hence, the title of this entry. I hope these dreams continue. I find them fascinating.
Today, Sam went back to school for her second semester. I always feel a little hole in my heart when she goes even though I know this is where she should be. We had a wonderful month and it's wonderful to see her becoming the adult she is going to be. I just wish I could teleport in and out of Pennsylvania to see her intermittently. I always have been a Jetsons and Star Trek fan so teleportation isn't out of my realm of wishing.
Artwise, I went to a fabulous Collage Club meeting this week with a great demo and a huge turnout. We made some terrific papers a la Jane Davies that were so easy and economical to make and FUN! It was so good to hear what everyone is up to artistically businesswise, workshopwise and also to be tempted to go in new directions when people tell what they've been up to. Our first month of the altered book exchange isn't until February so I'd better get cracking on that. I'll post my pages when they are finished. I also taught my Rock n Roll Brayer class at For Keeps Sake on Saturday and had a wonderful time. Of note: I had my first husband and wife couple! While there I scheduled my first two classes of the year at FKS. On February 23rd I will be debuting SNIPPETS: a Floor Cloth primer, featuring USArtQuests Studio Cloth and on March 23 I will be debuting Tattered and Torn, a raw edge painted and torn paper project class. These are both brand new classes that I am tweaking for later in the year and I am really excited about them.

It's a busy week in the studio for me. I love being invigorated again. Stay tuned.

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