Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Exploring color and pattern

Just about every month I play with colors or patterns I pick out from magazines, catalogs, or whatever I have lying around. Often I use my pieces as part of my altered calendar RR, but I rarely ever scan them before they are a finished product. There is something hard about letting people see works in progress, but this time I decided to scan the squares. There are two sets in the jpg, both being from Coldwater Creek's fall catalog. The top three, I was just cutting, gluing, and providing some contrast for fall patterns and in the bottom, I was focusing more on contrasting pieces as I affixed. These were affixed to 8" x 5" cardstock and then punched out wherever I found a pleasing design. I then took black permanent marker and outlined and defined the perimeters and interior of the bottom designs, but choose a more muted brown for the top three. I'll post when these are used as well.

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