Monday, June 20, 2005

Jazzy Jewelry

I had an artist date with my talented and very good friend, Deb, this afternoon at her house. Our mission was to make a wire bracelet from start to finish. I was not able to go to Sharilyn Miller's class in April when she was here in Ohio, but Deb was and she gleaned lots of info from Sharilyn. We went on an excursion to find beads in Milford at the end of May and my chosen ones were lampwork with greens and blues. It is quite summery and I really learned a lot today, but have so much to learn before I master jewelry-making. I am really looking forward to Sharilyn's book, Bead on a Wire , but until then I do have some rudimentary skills. I'll try to get a picture posted when I have a chance.

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