Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The time has been passing at super speed this fall. The faster I go, the more behind I seem to get. Hence, the name of this entry.....falling. I've had a busier than normal teaching schedule while getting Sammi back in school. My trip to Red Lead in September was terrific. I really enjoyed teaching there and getting to see a lot of old and new faces. My demo and classes were both well attended and I was able to socialize with Tracy and Leslie and did some more house hunting. The week before Red Lead I was able to pop into the A.R.T. weekend retreat to teach a shorter class and sign some certificates. I loved being able to put faces with names from that wonderful group as well. This weekend I went to Chicago to Carolina Moon and had a blast. Carolyn was a wonderful hostess and Chicago offered me a beautiful fall weekend. My classes again were well attended and those involved were excited and generous with their spirit. I was so glad to visit there again. I even got to meet Carolyn's cat, Mr. Moon. I have to say that he is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen.

Artwise, I have been able to just barely keep up with class prep, my calendar and the other exchanges I signed up for in a moment of weakness. The piece below is an encaustic wax extra from a fat book exchange done for St. Louis. I love the contrast between the white and the magenta. I was able to get my class submissions done on time for Artiscape in May. I've never been able to submit before because Sam is usually competing then. I hope my classes were appealing. Stampaway classes are due at the end of next month. I'd better get cracking!!!!!!!!!!

My schedule is light for the rest of the year. Upcoming classes: Sat. Oct 28, Stamp Your Art Out, Cincinnati, OH.

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