Saturday, May 10, 2008

Embrace Imperfection

I was up early this morning before the rest of my household and had a delightful bowl of cereal outside on my patio. The understory is now completely filled in our ridge. It is beautiful in its imperfection and is the perfect backdrop for our bird "restaurant". Things were quite hopping this morning, as a matter of fact. I think our "Denny's" opens up before the sun and then continues a brisk business all morning. It is fun to see the couples show up and the brazen hussys or BMOC birds try to break up the camaraderie. Nature does imitate life very well, but doesn't worry about every little detail. Hence, today's artwork theme. I enjoyed marring the background some before adding the wonderful paisley tree. It was a fun exercise today in using what I already had and putting it together in a haphazard way. The sentiment came from a conversation with my best friend a couple of days ago.I love it when nature inspires and when things just come together because they should.

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Adrienne Wood said...

Utterly stunning. I love it. Is it for sale? Could I afford it?