Monday, June 02, 2008

Expect Great Things

Well, we are into June and school is almost out here in St. Louis. I am so looking forward to summer--hence the title of this entry. Everything is beautiful here right now, mostly due to the 11" of rain we had in May. We are still avidly birding in our backyard and are attracting a wonderful mix of species. We put up hummingbird feeders yesterday and are hoping that the Curry Cafe will attract them as well. I've been working on a watercolor tall book swap for a local group here but took some time last night to rework a canvas I had done in a demo last year sometime. I was pleased with the overall effect. It is so fun to rework something that is just lying around on your desk. This piece started out as a spot brayer demo and ended up showcasing not only acrylics, but gesso, dye inks and metal work. You just never know where things will end up sometimes. That's the fun of these processes.

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