Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chicago Escapade

I have been fascinated with that word for quite sometime so when I picked a letter for my local ATC guild August project it just had to be an "e". Summer is winding down here and school is about to begin for Sam. She's been in Chicago with a friend from school and her parents for a shopping trip. I think she has had quite a lot of fun but I have missed having her here. It was a glimpse into three years from now when she is off to college. I think I want to retreat into my own little world where she is with us all the time. At least that is where I want to retreat while she is gone and happy with life! So here is some art to toast to your Chicago escapade, Sammi.........

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Awesome piece of artwork Nancy! I sympathise with you - my DD goes away for a sleepover every weekend and I (briefly) miss her! She too, will be off to college in a few years time!

Hope to be working through your book soon... with Trish Bee and the gals at NGS!