Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fiddle Faddle

February is almost over which means we have reached the downward slope of winter. Thank goodness. I spent a lot of time in the studio this month doing this and that. It has been very therapeutic for me. I was very happy with my non-traditional VDay cards this year. I don't think I had done cards for the past couple of years.

Sammi competed her first meet finally after missing three and did about as expected. As a new level 9 and an injured one at that, she isn't going to do any damage until her skills are stronger. We did have about five minutes of drama after she narrowly avoided going down on her neck during vault. You could have heard a pin drop while everyone waited for the medics to allow her to get up. I am not sure I was breathing much. She did finally get up and then proceeded to compete the entire rest of the meet. That's my daughter.

ART NEWS: I was pleased to have an email from Stampington regarding some wall art that they are going to publish in a new specialty publication called Black and White in November. I am currently writing a feature article for that work. And, I am pleased to announce that I will have three classes at Stampaway this year: Elementz, Play it Again, Sam and Resist 2009. More on that to follow.

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Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

WOW! Sammi is such an achiever!!! What a gal!!

CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming published wall art and article in the Stampington Black and White Publication in November! Woo!! Hoo!!! That is SO exciting!!!!!