Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anniversary Surprise

We received a wonderful anniversary gift from our graduating senior today. What a fun video to reminisce to. It's been a hectic couple of months since I posted. We're caught up in senior moments, college decisions, traveling for gymnastics, sick friends. I can honestly say I haven't been in the studio since March. Things will slow down after graduation and I can get back to being Nancy. But I can never get back this time with Sammi so I am taking it without any guilt.


Jacqueline said...

Nancy....I really love that video!! What a wonderful gift from Sammi! It truly touched my heart. Happy 26th to you and your dear hubby!!!

This also put a lump in my throat--thinking about how fast our darling children grow up. *sighs* A bitter sweet. I know that you guys are so proud of her. Sending out a congratulations to her, as well.

(((((Hugs and Kisses)))))

Mary R. said...

That was so beautiful and I would honer you if you would get married and do as your family taugh you ,,but your in japan and just think of the kids that didnt get to go to collage or to japan and all the pic's show how much you all loved eacher and that was a wonderful gift to gave your mom* Dad........................