Saturday, September 03, 2011

Ice Ice Baby my only kid is in college fourteen + hours away and what have I been doing???  I took a class!!! I know that sounds kind of ordinary, but I haven't taken a class for more years than I can remember.  And, (drum roll) I actually followed the teacher and made the project that I was supposed to.  For those of you that don't know..... I can get very distracted in class.  Usually it is a good thing for me because I've been inspired to go in a different direction, but it is not a good thing for my drawer of unfinished projects.  Oh, back to the class.  Well....I wandered down to a wonderful store south of St. Louis, For Keep's Sake, yesterday to check it out for local teaching and saw Nancy Wethington's samples for her Ice Resin class.  Now I did know about the product, but until yesterday it was in the nether regions of my mind.  I was lucky to snag a late spot in the class.  So excited was I for the class that I did two pieces of art from my scrap bin last night and off I went today.  That proved to be a good thing because I was able to complete four resin pieces total.  Yes, props to me for being prolific in class.  Nancy was well-prepared, enthusiastic, and generous with her tips, techniques, and humor.  The process itself is not difficult, but it was so fun making more art with the filled class and meeting new people.  My dogs are the only ones who wander into my studio at home and they don't seem to add any meaningful value.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I have now bought enough Ice Resin to play with in the fall and several more seasons.  What a wonderful day. 


Nancy Wethington said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments about class yesterday. It was an honor to have you in my class!

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