Monday, March 18, 2013


I was supposed to be doing all sorts of class prep today. Well, I did do some but then I got distracted by some Titan Buff, Bronze and Titanium White paint..... and a Gelli plate that just happened to be next to my desk. I made a few prints, cleaned up and then was SUPPOSED to go back to my class prep. Hmmmmmm..... my lack of self control was evident because I really wanted to spend time just playing. So, play I did. I was so happy to open a package of Artistcellar stencils today that had come a few weeks ago. (Confession: I am a stencil slut these days.) I bought the whole cathedral series in 6 x 6 because I couldn't decide on just one. I randomly chose this one, Reims, and was very happy with how it played out. I really just set out to print, but at some point I got the itch to detail. I went back to tried and true masking and used some stamps to create some visual interest and then added some embellishments to bring more tactile dimension to it. I guess I haven't had a Pitt in my hand for too long so I spent an hour and a half detailing and personalizing it to my taste. I guess I'll be doing class preparation tomorrow! It felt really good to just sit down and see where it went. I am happy with "It's in the Details" and my day.

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