Monday, April 01, 2013

Art & Soul

The beauty of going to retreats is to participate in art calls or themes. We were sent a paper mache mask if we were participating in enough classes. I didn't think I would have time to do it, but found myself with an extra couple of hours tonight so I took a stab WAY OUT OF my comfort zone. Well, sort of. I do love masks, but haven't made too many in my life. The theme of Art & Soul this year is on safari, but as you'll notice, I went with my own theme. Or perhaps mine could be an indigenous tribesman painted white. Either way, I had fun doing something so different. Even more fun when I stared at it's face and one of my favorite quotes flashed before my eyes. It is one I've used once before in a calendar page for Stampington. You can see that one below. Yes, the look is quite different as is how I illustrated it.

Off to Art and Soul I go!!!! Hi Ho.... Hi Ho.......

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