Monday, September 09, 2013

Indian Summer

It was 97 today in September.  Yep.  Not a typo.  Luckily I have a lot of indoor prep for classes at Stamper's Ink this weekend.  I am so excited to be headed there for my inaugural weekend of classes.  I think it is going to be a lot of fun for all.  I love large classes of enthusiastic people and I love to demo too, so I get to do that and meet n greet, book sign, etc.-----featuring my line of stamps and mixed media, of course!!!!
Other news of importance (in no particular order).  Tomatoes.  Tomahtos.  Our crop is in.  I am eating bowl fulls for lunches.  So yes, I will be taking my mouth ulcers with me this weekend.  Jim did an outstanding job with his plants this year so I am a happy wife.  Angus....yes, he's still with us and is 21 weeks tomorrow.  He is in the throes of puppy kindergarten and is doing well.  He adds a zest for life to the household.  Unfortunately, he also has a zest for my studio and my new stamps.  It has been a little trying figuring out how to stay current with him at my heels into everything. 
But you can't stay mad at him for long! Stampaway was quick but terrific. My class was fine, the potatoes at the preview party were yummy, seeing Deb was awesome, and the trip to IKEA was fruitful. I am in love with my new paint cart!  It is so nice not having to squeeze the Golden bottles into the Iris cart drawer that is slightly smaller than the bottles.  Now I just have to find a space for it when I am on break from classes.  I will play moving and storage next week.  Oh, and I am also in love with the lighting by Stella, thanks to Mr. Holtz who was using it at his demo table.  It might make my Christmas list.  Overall, it's been a jam-packed month with Cincinnati, getting Sammi back to Ursinus, visiting with my sister, driving to see Kristen in Louisiana (MO), and my various groups.  But being busy keeps me out of other trouble! Bring on KC!!!!!

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