Wednesday, January 22, 2014


PSSSSST.... tell everyone.......................................
I am the Guest Artist on StencilGirl's blog today.  Everyone thinks it's my mom, Nancy Curry, but I am really the inspiration behind all of her best work or the power behind the throne.  You see, when my mom is in her studio, I am there by her side, encouraging, licking her leg, stealing scraps, wandering, chewing stamps, crunching the corners of canvas board, wandering, ringing the bell to go out, and then back at her side again as close as I can get. At times I even am on the desk to make sure things are going well.   My presence brings out the creativity in her because she has to focus hard to finish in record time before I get into trouble somewhere else. My brother, Tucker (the less attractive gray poodle pictured with me), is not nearly the muse that I am.  He merely sleeps in the family room whenever she heads in the studio.  He does not participate in any supervisory tasks so he gets no credit. I did allow him in the picture with me though.  He's the perfect contrast for my multi-colored locks.

I really like StencilGirl stencils.  They are so fun to take off the desk and run round with in my mouth.  I do prefer the 6 x 6 size. It's fits in my mouth better with less overhang.  I sometimes return them.  Sometimes............

I encourage all of you to check out the artwork that she created especially for StencilGirl.  You'll find it here.  I won't expect any thanks at all.  It's been my pleasure and will continue to be my number one task when I am not chewing my elk antler. Visit me on her personal facebook page or if you are all about the art and not about me, her facebook art page.  I'll be here relaxing (aka- plotting my next adventure.)  See you soon.   



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