Friday, April 04, 2014

Chaotic Spring

March was such a busy month and April brings that promise, too.  It also brought more and more snow.  Enough, already!  Be gone..... So March was spring break for Sam.  She rested, relaxed, renewed, and we shopped.  It was a nice 10 days. 

When she left, Jim and I went to the Orchid Show and I took some pictures that would be fodder for the online iphoneography class I am taking by Susan Tuttle.   I am early in the lessons but have learned so much about the available apps...(many free) to use and yes, I am even trying my hand at self-portraiture, but I am much more comfortable photographing other things.

Art & Soul came quickly and I enjoyed my sojourn on the way to Overland Park.  I hit Dean & DeLuca's and two gift stores, Statements and Stick Sisters.  All three stops were wonderful.  I made my way to Art & Soul in Excelsior Springs for a couple of days.  I took two more classes by Jane Davies and one from Erin Keck that I got a "kick" out of. I had many partners in crime, but thoroughly enjoyed being next to Nancy Connelly for two out of three classes.  Not only is she my hero, but she is a delight in class, and truth be told, I was jealous of her wonderful prints.  This picture was taken before the green monster came out in me.  (Sandy Karsten was unknowingly photobombing in the background.) The retreat was well run and I definitely encourage anyone that can go to one of the Art & Souls to do it. 

Two out of three of my projects are WIP so just barely glance, but the third picture of the fabric flowers is of finished ones.  I had a ball with these.

Layers & Textures (WIP)                                            Stencils and Masks  (WIP)

Erin Keck's Shabby Chic Posies

From A & S at The Elms, I traveled back to Stampers Ink and did a demo full of some new offerings and revisted some from my book.  The event was well attended.  I walked in 20 minutes early to at least 15 sitting in their front seats, patiently waiting.  I hit the ground running and never stopped.  

Some samples highlighting the Mona Lisa Metal Powder capabilities. 

From Shawnee, I headed home and then headed back into sketching mode for some upcoming possibilities.  I did get to take a day off to see Rubbermoon's finest and longtime friend, Kristen Powers, last Sunday.  AND>>>>if you haven't seen my sneek peak yet, I picked up two plates of new stamps all ready for mayhem in the studio.  I head back to Stampers Ink next week for three terrific classes (mostly filled but check with the store) and will be bringing my new wares for their first public showing.  Then I get to hang out with Tanya, purveyor extraordinaire of the store, for the weekend.  It should be fun.  I love these classes, especially the advanced resist.  No one duplicates each other so the combinations are always amazing.  I'll take a couple of days off and work on my iphone pictures before prepping for my last class of the spring at For Keeps Sake called Transformations.  It's a class that opens up your eyes to a lot of organic possibility. 

So that catches everyone up on what I've been doing.  Or at least, all that I'll tell you about now!  Let's all hope that the spring hoopla I've been hearing about it here.  I'm ready.  Bring it.

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KYCrafter said...

Wow!! You make me need a nap just reading about your adventures!!! I love all your pieces of art and works in progress.


I NEED those new stamps.

ncurryartiste said...

LOL....They will be available soon enough. You haven't even seen them all yet!!!!