Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Curry Summer

Well, I find myself back in St. Louis after traversing the globe on a family trip that included time in Venice, Montenegro, Rome, Florence, Aix-En-Provence,  and Barcelona.  What a trip it was!  To be surrounded by the beauty each city brought for two weeks was amazing.  Each place had its own flavor, but there were commonalities that attracted me......the achitecture and the flora/fauna. 

This trip provided more than enough inspiration for the Flower Power online class I am taking from longtime friend, Kristen Powers, or as the world knows her now, Kae Pea. I don't take many online classes, but this one is a must.  I've had so much fun trying out her water media techniques and then adding the tips and ideas to mine. Add to that the wonderful camaraderie from the online class community and you definitely have something that helps you beat the summer doldrums that can hit in a very manageable way.  I am woefully behind, but have been reminded that you are never behind since new people are joining all the time.  My finished piece (6" x 6" )from ten days ago is in a holder in my kitchen.  I can't wait to frame it when I get the time. 

Today's piece was even more of a challenge.  I worked on three separate 1" pieces.  I know, I am insane, but I love working small and really love the detail I was able to get on these miniatures.  With many layers, these quick sketches became the piece at the top.

Of course, I had to add my stamps to finish them off.  Find them on Etsy

I'll be enjoying the foliage here in balmy St. Louis, getting ready for a special launch soon (tease), and prepping for a private event and then Stampaway.  I have two classes on Thursday and Friday that I'd love to see you in!  As always, the preview party will be divine.  Life will sure be busy this month and next.  You'll see me soon with some more RubberMoon adventures as well.  Stay cool if you can.


KYCrafter said...

I KNEW you would come back with great inspirations from your grande travels!!! I believe you should save a couple of "special" things from your trip to show us at the classes at Stampaway. Wink, wink!!

RubberMoon said...

I absolutely love this! It is so you (and so me too!) Fab how you incorporated your wonderful,fanciful stamps!! xokp