Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Earthen Alphabetika

I spent some time today getting my first collaborative puzzle ready for framing. I am so pleased with how the project came together and so grateful to all the artists that participated. After the new year I'll post another one but I am still thinking up ideas.


Dale Anne Potter said...

I would LOVE to hear how you went about doing this.........was it a kids' wooden or thick puzzle and you gave each different artist a piece of the puzzle?
Or ???

ncurryartiste said...

Fourteen different artists were mailed out one or two pieces that I prepped with gesso. They were given the theme and a color palette which was earth tones. They completed the pieces and sent them back..... The puzzle itelf was a toddler sized cardboard puzzle.

Glad you enjoyed it. I can't wait until it is on my wall. My sister is an artist and a framer with a wonderful eye. It will be quite a piece then.


firstborn studio said...

hi nancy!
i lost,then found you YAY!!!
i LOVE this piece...it is so refreshing!
hope you are very well,my friend!