Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lamentations or Resolutions?

This is THAT time of year where I take stock of what I did and didn't do last year while trying to plan what I am going to do this year. The key problem in that is the word "plan". I have never done that very well, leading to all sorts of predicaments throughout my life. Plans sound great in theory, but when they go awry, they let me down. I am pulled (voluntarily and involuntarily) in so many different directions these days, that plans seem to be unmade as quickly as they are made. I am great at getting my deadlines met, but not so great at anything else. So I have decided that this year will be a "random" year which is a word my almost teen daughter seems to use with zeal these days. I like the sound of the freedom in the word and hope that it doesn't let me down. No resolutions except that I will accept where my life takes and detours me, without worrying about whether I am getting enough done. So, yes, I will have a random year of art this year and will see where that takes me.

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