Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Perhaps Yet Again

That word has been my mantra since we moved here last August. I couldn't tell you why except that it signals hope and possibilities to me. Maybe I need that right now. Daily life is chaotic right now as I navigate the back to school pitfalls and preparations for beginning to teach again here in St. Louis. I will be resuming some teaching in November at Rock, Paper, Scissors with some debut weekend surprises. It should be fun and I look forward to it. I have been lucky enough to join a quilter's Photoshop class this fall and I am having fun learning more about the program that I have used for years and only new a tinge about. I guess you are never too old to learn new tricks!!!


Stephanie said...

Hi Nancy - Lovely piece. How did you do the background? Stephanie

ncurryartiste said...

Stephanie the background is done be resescitating foam pads that had dye ink on them that was allowed to dry. I buy the cut n dry pads and cut them smaller for classes. When i come back from a venue I let them sit for a week and then spritz w/ water. Then I press glossy cardstock into it and let dry.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing.