Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Well, it was time to head back in the studio to get some work done for my upcoming classes. I love playing with paint and fibers and never seem to get tired of it. I do like the change to the black glossy that also repels the paint, making interesting patterns. It's fun when these new ideas freshen the whole concept.

Oh, and American Idol starts tonight. I might have to have a feather back in my hair.


January 21: For Keeps Sake, St. Louis
February 25: Stamp Your Art Out, Cincinnati
March 18: Wood Icing, Chesterfield


Subriagirl said...

Beautiful Nancy!

I used this technique on canvas & gave my son & daughter each one with a special word with extra special meaning to them. They loved them!

One thing NOT to do....use a heat gun to dry the canvas after putting puffs of metal powder on the wet paint.....haha...that powder went EVERYWHERE but still turned out beautifully.


Anonymous said...
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ncurryartiste said...

So glad they enjoyed your artwork, Ronnie.....and yes, the metal powder still requires from me a little sprits of sealer to make sure it stays on, but you know how I am with my Krylon!